The school run – enough to make anyone socially anxious

Why do i loathe the school runs so much ?

Its the variability day-by-day that gets me……who /what is ‘in’ or ‘out’

Somedays everyone is friendly and many speak to me, other days hardly anyone speaks at all.

I suspect on those days others are absorbed in their own lives, but i still dread the whole chaotic mess


Do’s are better than Don’ts

When you are parenting – try saying what you DO want your children to do, rather than what they shouldn’t do……if your children are anything like mine, when you tell them NOT to do something, it’s usually the first thing they do…….

  • Do draw on paper
  • Do act sensibly
  • Do be kind to one another

Try it – it makes you realise how many Don’ts you have been giving out. :))))

Parenting Course – facilitators are parents!

One thing i really like about my parenting course, is that everyone there, including the facilitators have children.  That makes a huge difference to me.  Everybody is really nice and the course is well structured to ensure interaction with all the other people in the group and not just with the person next to you.

Starry Sky – kindness chart at home

Went to my parenting course yesterday and they gave me a black sheet of paper and two cards of silver stars.


1. Put black card up in kitchen

2. All acts of kindness in the family home are to be rewarded with 1 star.

3. The person who is kind gets to stick the star onto the card.

4. The idea is a really starry sky……..and it was suggested a reward when no black card can be seen!

Nice technique……….we have a few stars up already :)))


Aromatherapy and Me

I have always been interested in essential oils.  They are natures gifts to us.  As soon as i came to see and witness the miraculous effects of Lavender Essential Oil, I was hooked.

Nothing is as uplifting to the smell of a beautiful flower.  Smells invoke memories and can be very healing in their nature.  I use them whenever a need arises.   

Aromatherapy can help you with stress and mental health problems. Use these lovely oils and you will see for yourself………

Thought records – must be done at the time!

A had a client recently who gave a range score of mood 5-80 as intensity score.  When I asked them to pinpoint exactly how they felt at the time, it transpired that the thought records where completed on the situation just before they arrived for the session……..they must be done at the time of the emotion to be most effective for CBT intervention